Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Parking Tickets

How many have you had?

How many have you paid?

I swear I have the most outstanding parking tickets out of everyone I know.

I have this attitude like, I just want to park and I don't care if I get ticketed because I probably won't - then I always do.

My friend used to work for impark so he would always wipe away my tickets, or tell me how to get around them. I guess having that "connection" made me feel invincible.

So now, when I get a ticket I typically throw it in my glove compartment with the intention to dispute it but inevitably forget about it.

Then ignore follow up messages.

Bad Mandy!

One NYE I parked across from a night club we were hosting an event at and it was snowing so hard I doubted the guy would be out ticketing - he was!

Sometimes, I get an unfiar ticket. Once at a hockey game I went to pay the absurd meter price of $20. I put $20 in but the button was broken so I couldn't increase time. So my receipt said $20 15 minutes. I placed it on my dashboard anyways and got ticketd "exceeds time"

Yes, it does but the machine was broken and I paid the $20 - wtf?? I disputed that one... never heard back, assuming it was waived?

Last week on Wednesday as I was leaving work ready for my 5 day vacation I saw a little paper flapping in the wind upon my windshield.

a ticket

I was so mad!

not just because it was a ticket starting off my 5 days off but because it was incorrectly issued!

See, where I work there are 2 hour parking spots and there are 4 hour spots, so I always park in a 4 hour and then move my car at lunch.

I had done so that day and not exceeded the 4 hour limit, yet I still had this evil piece of paper tucked under my wiper.

I marched RIGHT back into work, filled out the dispute portion and faxed it right then and there to the office.

Hell if I am letting this parking ticket go any further - what a load of crap!

Yes, I have a ton of parking tickets, most of them unpaid and issued rightfully.... but this one last week - completely unfair and hopefully my prompt dispute will result in it being waived... of course, the stack of outstanding previous parking tickets may affect their decision ha!

I will let you know!

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