Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pre-St Pats Day Party

I posted this at Martini-Mandy but what the heck I have different readers at different places...

Pre Saint Patrick's Day Party this Saturday was a blast.....

I ran my annual Pre-St. Patty's Day Event Saturday Evening and it was pretty awesome. We had lowe numbers than usual but it made it more intimate. Everyone got jello shooters, a St Pat's tiara or hat, leprechauns gold coins (Chocolate) and VIP access to four venues in downtown Vancouver.

We started off at Blarney Stone in gastown for some Irish fun. They recently renovated and it looks really great inside. Our Emcee, Kyle, ran some activities for our group as well as others in the pub enjoying Green Beer and Traditional irish food.

After lot's of drinks and games we hopped on a bus and headed to Shark Club where we ate, drank and enjoyed the Canucks game and the boxing match on several flatscreens.

The Irish Activities continued and we gave away a bunch of cool prizes.

Our third stop, most were tipsy or beyond and we shook our botties on the dance floor at Au Bar. There were some models there in angels outfits, one of them was Brandi from Canada's Next Top Model. (On the right)

Our last stop was Gossip Night Club where we rolled up and gained VIP access and immediate entry to the club. Everyone had an amazing night and since I have been fighting a cold for about a week I headed home instead of dance the night away.

Overall it was a great time as always and I just wish I wasn't getting sick.

St. Patrick's Day is on Wednesday this week so I may go for my traditional Once a Month Wednesday that I have been neglecting for so long.... mechnial bull riding and 5 cent wings at Roosters... we shall see.