Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun

I find that I want to do fun Summer Activities but on a budget. I can't very-well spend money I don't have and I don't work much in the summer given my seasonal job, so... Here are some fun free or cheap things to do in the summer...

Spray Park

We have a spray park near us, as well as a number of other ones in the not-too-far distance that we can attend. Kiddies can play, adults can read, visit, nap ha ha

Swimming Pools

Same as above, but best if your kiddies are older or know how to swim

Drive-in Movies

On weekends the Twilight Drive-in close to us plays 3 movies! The first two are new and the third is a bit older, usually close to dvd release. If you can stay awake for all three, it is a bargain. $12 per adult, less for kids and if you sneak in your own food, you are set. Though we always end up spending a fortune at the concession because we know they don't make much money on ticket sales... and we don't want them to go out of business.


You have to eat anyways right? Why not take the food to the park up the street or the lake near by?

Lakes and Rivers and Beaches

If you live near one do it. We are close to a river, several lakes and even the ocean... we don't do this one enough but should

Play Dates

This one is awesome. Have kiddies invite a pal over or go over to play - they entertain each other and you can get some house work, reading, tv or relaxation time in - - usually


I struggle to get off my lazy butt, but this is an easy way to get ou tof the house and spend time with the fam-bam as well as stay healthy!


fold laundry outside or garden together. Kids love spending time with parents and why not use the uality time to get some chores done too?

Bike Ride

Like a walk, its healthy excersize


Go camping. even for a night it is a fun and inexpensive way to spend some summer time

What else??????