Friday, August 12, 2011


I love camping.

But let me tell ou what camping means for me...

It is NOT pitching a tarp or tent in themiddle nowhere.
It is NOT digging a hole to use as a bathroom, it is NOT even using an outhouse...

No, MY CAMPING involves running water, flushing toilets, tents and trailers, a paid for camp site, 24 hour security, a lake, a beach, a camp stove and a market on site for daily ice, charcoal and cold soda mixers for my booze.

Yes, that is my camping, though my husbands calls it an "outdoor motel" I think it is fabulous.

We do not hunt or fish our own food. We do not deal with wild animals, our worst concern is if our neighbours are jerks.

I love Golden Ears, Cultus Lake and other type locations to camp in BC.

It is family fun without too much sacrifice ;)

What is best is that these locations are less than 2 hours from my home and friends and family can come for day visits.

I just got back from 4 glorious days at Cultus Lake where I read, swam, walked, visited with friends and family and just enjoyed sitting on the beach or by the campfire... I still had my blackberry for tweets if needed, but I also had the fresh air and outdoors to enjoy.

It was awesome!

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