Sunday, August 21, 2011


Lately, I get angry.

Not violent.

Just hateful.

I think in my head how much I hate this or that.

Or... more often, how much I hate a person for this or that.

It is so unhealthy, I know - but fuck, people are mental!

Recent Pet Peeves (and I am taking a huge risk as people may read this and go "oh shit that is me" but I will be as vague as I can)

-not following through with promises
-making false promises
-back stabbing
-being two-faced
-being passive aggressive

ok so I was REALLY vague.... but grrr... i hate people!

One Example:

A girl I know will totally hate on people, make fun of them for doing stuff then turn around and do the same thing.

This same girl is clingy and then a total bitch when she finds a new person to cling to (usually one of my friends) FURTHERMORE she has to brag and lie and one-up and it makes me wanna shout in her face and call her out on her stupidity but I can't because that would just cause drama and we have far too many mutual friends.

Another example:

A person who I totally trust and who promised to never do something I hate recently did that thing. They don't know I know and I shouldn't know but I found out and it is pissing me off. I want to confront said person but I know they will either get mad I found out and back pedal to justify it, or write it off as no big deal and say I am blowing it out of proportion

Another one:

A person I know, not really a friend, who is so self-absorbed and delusional about life, this person is a pathological liar and they don't even SEE their own lies, even when caught in lies this person tries to weave out and act like they never said original lie. This person is also a one-upper, bragger, but so obnoxious literally no one can stand to be near them.... yet for some reason I do and then constantly get let down and/or irritated and angry

One More:

A guy I work for seasonally thinks I am his personal assistant. He will call me 24/7 and expect a prompt answer or reply. If I don't call him back before he calls a 2nd time (2 seconds later or 2 hours later you never know with him) He will leave his stupid fucking message about being disappointed and how I should be more active for the money he pays me and how will the business grow if I can't even answer my phone - really? go fuck yourself!


Outside there is some drunk girl singing - - - I want to go to sleep but he is fucking singing - i want to throw rocks out my window at her but I have no rocks inside and I am out of eggs, plus if I miss it will make a mess.... grrrrrr

SO - - - - What is up?

Is it me?

Am I the one with anger issues? Do I need to re-eval and develop coping mechanisms for my anger?

or is it that the world is fucking irritating and I just have the worst luck of being surrounded by morons?


Please advise!


  1. you might want to think about the people in your life that you spend your time with...

    do they value you as much as you value them? Are they bringing something to your life or always seem to be taking stuff away?

    I used to be friends with a lot of people who didn't seem to care about me the same way I cared about them.. and I re-evaluated who I was spending my time with decided not to hang out with these people anymore...

    I'm not saying to drop your friends but really.. if they aren't being true friends to you, do you really need them in your life?

    xoxox hugs babe.. you can talk to me anytime!

  2. I agree with the above comment - I had to distance myself from several friends who were taking more than they were giving. It has to be equal. I have a tough time dealing with people who are constantly talking about their problems and never think about asking how I am doing. Plus I had to realize the past is the past and my life is moving ever forward.
    I can't say if it's you or the world around you, but be true to yourself and it will be for the best.