Monday, April 4, 2011


NO, I didn't want it.

BUt I may or may not be watching WWE Raw right now - don't judge me.

I used to be a fan.... and by fan I mean every Raw and Smackdown I would watch or tape on my vhs. Every pay per view I would get or go somewhere to watch.

This was 98-04 ish. The Rock, HHH, Stone Cold.... you know!

We used to play drinking games, everytime "The Rock" said "the rock" we would take a shot. Never a sober Monday night ;)

Those were the days.

I actually attended a pay per view in Detroit Michigan in heels, a black mini skirt and a HHH Jersey... oh yes, I was "that girl" (but had the bod back then to pull it off ha ha)

I met a ton of wrestlers, and really enjoyed the whole phase. Once I had my daughter I still was into it - we went to a local RAW when she was 4 months to see who I could meet.... got tons of photos with her and wrestlers. THen were given free tickets to the show!

As my daughter got older, I watched it less, we still check it out on occasion but twice a year now is nothing like twice a week then!

Yes, I was a wrestling fan in the 90s....

I also watched in the 80s but that was when I was young. Hogan, Jake the Snake, Piper, Macho Man and so on.

I know it's "fake" but it is entertaining!

And Jeff Hardy......... I wanted to have his babies for the longest time ha ha!

Great memories!

I wish I had watched Wrestlemania last night - maybe after tonight's RAW I will catch up on the plots and start watching again...

... or not

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