Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis the SEASON

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago... oops!

I went Black Friday Shopping and let me tell you - it wasnt entirely irritating this year.

Last year we went to the 24 hour Walmart and we loaded up two carts and then lined up at an empty register that wasnt open and waited until 5am when everything ACTUALLY went on sale and were first in line when the register opened. SCORE!

This year that same Walmart had a line out the door despite being open 24 hours.

Those who know me know I don't do lines..... and I sure as hell won't at a friggin' WALMART LoL

So we went to another one up the street, walked in easily, but they had 12:01am sales and so many were already lined up (it was 11pm) and all the advertised sales were mostly gone - that "While supplies last" geez!

Luckily they did price matching - so I pulled ou tmy flyers and shopped for items at Walmart that were on sale at Target, ToysRus, etc.

Scored some amazing stuff, two carts worth again but completed ALL our xms shopping


at about 4am we were done and went to a Shari's for breakfast.


Then we returned to my mother-in-laws to sleep

Great times

Now it is almost Christmas. I went to Best Buy for ONE dvd and left spending about 45 TIMES that on some super not-planned xmas gifts for our family... tee hee

Now I know I have spent way too much on Xhristmas this year and I am feeling only a little bit guilty - - - not too bad

What is your guilty Christmas purchase?

For me it is the last purchase at Best Buy - I won't say what yet (a game console that starts with a P ends in an S and has a "move" adapter)

but I drink lot's of Sailor Jerry's and Eggnog and I am happy.

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