Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

I like to buy treats.

I like to buy cookies, chips, sugary cereals, some icecream, all for when the craving hits, I can just open the cupboard and have a lil' sample to please the desire.

The problem in my house, however, is that my daughter and husband.... well... their cravings hit far more often than mine...

What always ends up happening is I buy what I need and then when I finally have the craving.... the treats are gone. Even when I say DIRECTLY - "Save me the last bowl of cereal" or "Leave the last row of cookies for me" Somehow - they don't.

No one tells me when they're all gone.

No one asks me if they can finish them.

So when the urge hits, I smile to myself, excited to have the special treat to eat when I get home...

...only to be disappointed!

and what's worse, when I point out that I had absolutely ZERO from the box, bag, pint, package... they insist I did.

"There is no way we ate the whole pack, you had some, I know you did"

um - no.... I think I would remember.

You know what else I remember?

My mother... loacking cupboards, locking her room, hiding items... so that us 4 kids wouldn't eat them all. I always thought she was mean and we were deprived... but now.... oh, now I understand....

Today, I am buying a lock and reserving a space just for my own treats.... I am sure that will go over well with my husband.... ha ha ha.... perhaps just hiding a few items for myself would work better?!

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