Thursday, January 7, 2010

Misconceptions about teenagers

So... I remember, as a teen, I volunteered in my community, ran events for youth, was a total youth advocate... yet still, I would walk into a 7-11 for a slurpee and get glared at, followed and was assumed to be "trouble."

Granted, I was trouble, but not the kind of trouble the 7-11 cashier suspected.... I was carefree and had no "adult supervision" to adhere to.

See, I moved out when I was still in highschool.

I made my own rules and did what I wanted when i wanted.... the only down side was that my rommie and I were polar opposites.

We were friends, but the only thing we really had in common, besides the ability to get excellent grades without any effort, was that we couldn't live at home anymore and had part time jobs (which we could manage because of our ability to pull in top marks without studying) that would allow us to (barely) survive on our own.

I recall, we had a one bedroom basement suite with avodaco coloured appliances. The walls were this fibery unfinished plywood that were apparently really cool to gaze at while high on acid (so said the roomie)

but, don't get it twisted, she was not the wild one, besides her occasional drug induced trips, she had a steady, long-term boyfriend.... her job... her stuffed animals... and she set up "her room" in half of our pretty large living room.

I got the bedroom, small, but private...

it was a stupid mistake... she had the boyfriend and should have had the privacy of her own bedroom... I had the parties and should have had the openess of the living room, but we chose how we chose.

After too many parties with my friends doing nasty things to her stuffed animals and too many nights of not being able to use my kitchen (which you had to walk through the living room to get to) because the "love birds" were "busy" we realized we couldn't handle being roomates.

We moved on.

We both graduated.

We remained friends.

To this day.

But - oh the teenaged years....

wild, crazy, and even more unusual for me having moved out so young....

everyone else lived with their parents, so coming to my place to party was "the" weekend (and weekday) activity....

I remember one morning after partying a little too hard the night before our vice principal was knocking at our door... yes! We slept through it but got the note on our door and were worried of what he may have seen if he peaked through the windows... oh my!

Again, we still pulled in decent grades, even if we were rarely in class...

Crazy Eh?

We even took in this other girl younger than us who needed a place to stay - though that was short-lived and deffo a story for another day.

Moving Out... Partying Hard.... as a Teen...

I wouldn't advise it....

Now, as an adult, I wonder if my opinions have changed...

Would I let my child move out that young?


Have i become the glaring, suspicious, annoyed adult that can't tolerate teens?


Let's face it.

They think they know everything (as did I at that age) and are often inconsiderate, rude, cocky and annoying.

Too many of them are given everything they want on a damned silver platter and have no respect for or knowledge of the real world. No work ethic, no manners... they're just punks!

It's hard - being the adult now... looking back at the life I lived.... I often don't even think of myelf as a "real" adult... I mean, I still feel the same... though a lot more experienced and less skinny ;)

I guess because I moved out as a teen, I always had that "responsibility" of bills and housework... yet still managed to keep up with school, work, and partying with friends...

So, as an adult now, i can juggle a lot... I work, am a mom, a wife, and still do a lot of stuff for fun!

So, why can't teens have fun and be themselves without adults assuming they are irresonsible?

I don't assume every teenager is up to trouble, though I do assume they have the possibility to be amazing adults and always hope for the best.

I recall how I felt at that age about adults and try not to be "that" kind of adult.... I try to assume the best about all people until given reason otherwise.

But when that reason comes - watch out!

And too many teens give good teens a bad name... the inconsiderate, rude, cocky and annoying teens...

I just tell them to fuck off!

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